Dear Hope For Home,

Thank you for helping my my family stay in our home.  We are very grateful that we chose your company to represent our family. We have a payment that is affordable to make along with the rest of the bills. Thank you very much. Your staff was very patient and from beginning to end we felt that you helped us and went the extra mile to make sure we were represented well to the bank. Choose Hope For Home. The only way to get it done.

Ernest and Trezsline Habersham



I wanted to thank everyone at Hope For Home for all that you have done.  After years of trying to get relief for our mortgage through my mortgage company, you handled it professionally and quickly.  I know i was nervous throughout the process, but they had always explained each process and helped coach me along.  Now that we have the adjusted payment it has made our life much easier to "move forward."

Thank you very much.


Travis Stephenson


Attention: Processing Department,

I want to let you know that your company's help has helped me secure a remodification loan with American Home Mortgage Services Inc with the best interest rate I have been asking for ten years. I know that with your assistance, your company is a blessing to the general public that needs help with some mortgage companies. May you and all at Hope For Home have a wonderful holiday season, I know I will have a better holiday with my new low rate interest loan.

Thank you.

Ruben G. Sanchez


Thank God for Hope For Home. I was on the brink of losing my home. They worked with me and my lending institution and got my payments down to where I could afford them and made me current.

Thanks again for Hope For Home

John Payne


I am so thankful for you all. You saved me and my family from being homeless. I never thought I could get any help but I was wrong. Within a few days from foreclosure they handled everything above and beyond my expectations. I was informed about everything and they assured me we'll take care of it. My faith was still like, "how?"  I had started packing but guess what; I'm still in my house and I will always be grateful. I have referred people to them and once again, they went above and beyond. I encourage anybody that was in my shoes give them a try because they will take care of you. I was never in the dark, kept me posted on everything. When you don't have a clue what's happening, it can be overly stressing. They were better to me than my mortgage company.

Hope For Home you rock!!!!!!

Debbie Sullivan


I would like to express my gratitude and overwhelming satisfaction to Hope For Home's mortgage modification service. Working with all of the staff I found them professional, prompt and patient throughout the entire modification process. I was always given the utmost in professional and courteous care and extremely expedient responses whenever I requested one. When I began working with them I was hopeful for a positive outcome but based on much of what I'd read regarding lenders giving acceptable modifications, I was realistic in my expectations, hoping for a better interest rate at best. Long story short, Hope For Home has exceeded every expectation and my personal outcome was phenomenal, being given a principal reduction and an excellent and open line of communication with my lender. I would without question recommend Hope For Home to anyone in need of mortgage assistance and in fact have recommended them to some close friends.

Hope For Home will work for you from start to finish.

Thank you very much!

Gaelen Lamb


Dear Alma,

I would like to thank you and all who work for Hope For Home with the fantastic job you have done for me and my family. In these troubled times I felt we would lose our home. I have not worked in over a year and was starting to look for some other place to live. With the help from your organization I was able to save almost seven hundred dollars a month and be able to once again afford our home. Thanks for all of your help.


James O"Brien


Hi, my name is Corliss Henry. I don't remember how I heard about Hope For Home, but I am glad I did. When I first came to them I was way over my head. My home was about to go into foreclosure status. I called Hope For Home and they walked me through the modification process. They were always available to answer every question I had. At first when things weren't moving as fast as I wanted them to, they gave me reassurance I needed to see things through. Now that the modification is in place and I can finally breathe, I hope that others will benefit from my experience. Thanks Hope For Home! 


To Whom It May Concern;

My name is Tracie Vineyard, I had the recent pleasure of working with Alma at Hope For Home. We were going through a rough patch with my husband's loss of employment when I found the Hope For Home website. I had been trying to work with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage for about a year and a half when we finally gave up and stopped making payments. We felt like it was no use, we would lose the house eventually. Wells Fargo was unwilling to help, they made me feel like a disappointment when I would call and ask for any help available. Things felt bleak, and figured it might be a matter of months before we would be locked out of the house we have called home for almost 14 years. It was a really hard time in our lives. We thought there was only false hope and lies from people and companies promising lots of empty hope. Then I got a call from Hope For Home with a smail glimmer that maybe we could possibly keep our home, and actually afford it. I have to admit every month seemed like this program might not be able to help us. Until I received a phone call (while I was in a grocery store parking lot) saying that they had found a plan for us and that my new payment would be approximately $800.00. I immediately started to cry in disbelief. I had to ask the representative if he was sure several times. It was hard to believe that this nightmare was possibly almost over, but it was. I was set up on a 3 month trial period of $806.00 monthly that is $468.00 less than our previous agreement. This was huge for us, it meant that we could stop thinking about losing and start living. I have just finished my 3 month trial period and looking forward to rebuilding our credit along with credibility. I want to thank you all at Hope For Home for all your diligent efforts on our behalf. I know if we hadn't found you our lives would be in utter chaos and the only home my daughter has known would be someone else's. I want you to know that I tell everyone that will listen to me about your program and how wonderful you are. I hope you can continue helping families for many more years.


The Vineyard Family


To Alma in Processing:

I would like to take this time and thank you for everything you did to allow the processing of our home loan modification to take place. Thank you again for the kindness, the time, and the patience you gave to us. It is such a relief to know that there are people like you there to help us with the modification process. I am so thankful for everyone there at Hope For Home for being there to talk to our mortgage company and get us on the right path to be able to save our home.

With sincere thanks,

Karen and Ronald Blake



The best Hope For Home Team,

My name is Maria and I have been working with Alma and Jennifer. All I can say is that they are great. Both of the girls were always there for me when I needed anything. Thank you.

I had been dealing with my case on my own for a while and my bank did not approve me for a modification. One day I got a call from Hope For Home and started working with them. I began to see light at the end of the tunnel and on 05/21/2012 I received my new modification terms. We should be ready to get back on track now. Thank you Hope For Home. My kids are happy that we have a plan that is affordable.

Once again, thank you for all your hard work.

Maria Herrera


When Greg and I were faced with losing our primary residence, Hope For Home not only gave us hope, but facilitated a new mortgage amount that was $320.00 less per month than our original payment and addressed the full amount in arrears. We had been denied by our mortgage company two times in the past before Hope For Home came on to the scene, so words cannot express the stress and worry my husband and I were feeling. The reasons for our worry and stress were preceded by being cheated/duped out of almost $8000.00 by another agency claiming to help homeowners save their homes, and my husband and I had lost two rental properties we owned for over 15 years.

Customer service was excellent, especially from Rodger and Alma as they were both very patient and informative throughout the four months that it took for them to deal with our mortgage company on our behalf. My husband and I are back on track thanks to the expertise of Hope For Home. We cannot thank you enough for helping us to keep our dream home. To anyone reading this testimonial I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend that you give Hope For Home a chance to return your hope and change the outcome from losing a home to that of being a proud homeowner without the stress or threat of becoming homeless. We thank you Hope For Home and your agency will forever be in our prayers.

Emma Jean Norfleet-Haley, Psy.D., LICSW, LCSW-C


Let me begin by saying how much this organization and its representatives went to bat for me and my family in keeping our home! I started this process two years ago. Distressed and overwhelmed by the recession and the collapse of the housing industry put me and my family in a situation that we could have never imagined. We were fighting to save our home. After years of placing trust in organizations for refinancing opportunities to enhance the luster of our home, we found out the hard way that we were "deceived and manipulated". Feeling desperate and alone, I received an email from Hope For Home. After being railroaded so many times, we were leery. However, after speaking with my wonderful representative, Alma, my fears were quickly put to rest. This organization not only fought for the restitution of my former mortgage company's "inapproriate dealings", they merged me with a company who stepped up to the plate and immediately offered me "the blessing of an affordable modification". I am grateful to God for sending me in the direction of Hope For Home and for placing individuals who truly care about their clients! So yes, if you find yourself in my previous situation, please look no further and give Hope For Home a call. Their name says it all!!

Thanks again to you all for helping my family and I keep our home.

Shawn and Albert Anderson


I just wanted to write to thank everyone from Hope For Home for working so incredibly hard for us to get us back on track with our monthly payment and more importantly, allowing my husband and I to keep our home after almost a year of hard negotiations with our mortgage company. I also wanted to say that it is apparent to us that Hope For Home agents have a very difficult job. But we want you to know that you were always a breath of fresh air for us thoughout this process. Thank you for having integrity in an industry where it seems integrity is not the norm. We feel very fortunate that we were able to connect with Hope For Home. I hope to send many referrals to Hope For Home's direction.


Wilson German and Kerdange Pampphile


I was working on a loan modification through my bank to no avail and a sale date placed on my home. I then went to Mohave Integrity Real Estate where they helped me submit modification paperwork with Hope For Home. I have now secured a modification trial payment plan with my lender and my foreclosure has been stopped.


David Edgell


To Jennifer, Alma, and everyone who has helped us; thank you. We cannot thank you enough. We never had anyone help us so much. You people have made our lives so much better. We cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for us.


Thanks again.

Jim and Pauline Swanson


I would just like to say how wonderful Alma has been through this entire process of getting my mortgage back on track. Every time I had a question or concern about what was going on, she was there to explain and guide me to the next step.


Mary Ann Fisher


I can't begin to thank all the wonderful, professional, and supportive people at Hope For Home. Their continued hard work and efforts saved my family from losing their home and my children from having to leave their beloved neighborhood. I struggled for years to make my payments after the economic downturn and tried to get help from my lender to no avail but was so thrilled to get a call to work with these amazing people. They answered all of my questions and helped put my mind at ease through a very difficult time and went the distance to get a resolution that worked for my lender and my family. They kept me posted constantly and were always available to answer the smallest or most technical questions I faced throughout this process. Hope For Home treated me with respect, kindness, and the fact that my home mattered to them helped me believe in the system. And the process has resulted in my family having a stable home to live in for years to come.

Thanks again to the team from Hope For Home. You saved my home and my family has never been happier.

Chris Azevedo

December 10 2012


I almost gave up but I decided to give Hope For Home a call. I've appreciated all that the company has done for me by giving me a second chance. This is my first home. I belong here. I am more than grateful. If anyone else is in need, I would recommend Hope For Home.

Thank you very, very much.Have a great New Year. I will LOL

Brenda Wilson


Dear Jennifer,

I want to thank you and Hope For Home for helping me in the process of getting a modification on my mortgage from Beneficial. You have done a good job, and I want to thank you again for a job well done. I would certainly recommend anyone who wants to do a modification to Hope For Home.

Lewis Bryce


To: Leaders and Staffers of Hope For Home

We are writing this letter to express our grateful appreciation for the outstanding job you all did in helping us to successfully get our home loan modified with Wells Fargo.

We have been through the loan modification process on our own three times in the last four years. Each time we were unsuccessful. We admittedly were somewhat skeptical about going with a loan modification company as we had only heard the typical horror stories about spending lots of money for the process and getting no results. In many cases we learned that clients actually ended up losing their homes.

We did our due diligence in researching numerous organizations that did loan modifications, and in the process, Hope For Home consistently emerged as a company we needed to consider. From the initial phone call with Monte, we felt like we were working with knowledgeable and professional people who would be there to see us through the process. We then worked with Rodger who was exceptional in helping us understand many of the details of the documents we needed to pull together and also coordinating our meeting with the notary. And there was Jennifer and Alma. Both were outstanding but we want to give special appreciation and thanks for Alma for her absolutely outstanding follow up and professional demeanor. She always called to confirm receipt of documents; returned my calls when I had specific questions and most especially, allowed me to vent when we were totally frustrated with the letters and phone calls we kept  receiving from the lender. She truly kept us so informed about what was going on that she significantly contributed to diminishing our anxiety given the situation overall. We are very grateful to her.

In summary, we are ecstatic about the outcome on our specific case and want you to know that we will gladly refer others that we know who need assistance with a loan modification to your outstanding organization. Thank you all again.


Raymond T. Burden Jr

Linda L. Burden


I want to thank God for Hope For Home! They truly care and are willing to do everything to help homeowners keep their homes. They helped me and my mortgage was lowered. They helped save my home. God, continue to bless them!

Yolanda Taylor


Dear Alma and "The Hope For Home Team",

Thank you so much for all of your hard work over the past year to finally get my loan modification. I spent the previous two years in vain; sending endless faxes, documents, and enduring a complete lack of response and cooperation from my lender. That is finally over thanks to you folks and your dedication.


Gerard H. Exley


Dear Alma,

I just wanted to thank you and all those involved with helping me through the loan modification process. I had gone through the process with my original loan company which lasted almost a year with no change at the end. I actually had become so cynical that I didn't believe there was real professional help available. This has been a very humblin experience, but because of your help and results, one with a happy ending. Your patience, knowledge, demeanor, and expertise is appreciated more than you will ever know. I would be more than happy to recommend your services to anyone in need.

With Kindest Regards,

The McMurray Family


I would like to send my deepest thanks to Hope For Home. Also to Alma who showed alot of patience and kindness. I dont know what I would have done if it wasn't for Hope For Home. I really feel that Hope For Home was my last chance to save my home. I had been trying for three years. When I found myself geting deeper in debt. It feels so good to be able to sleep at night. Thank you so much for your help. God bless all that helped and were there at the time I needed help so badly.

Gail Bealer


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